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NEXTA is a well-known Belarusian media project on social and political topics

In our publications, consisting of subscribers' materials and insights from inside the system, we touch upon the most acute and urgent topics for Belarusian society - abuse of power, the arbitrariness of government officials and law enforcement agencies; we destroy myths of state propaganda and use concrete examples to show the harsh reality of life in Belarus.

Our total audience consists of more than 4.3 million people

More than 4.3 million people, including more than 1.4 million on Telegram channels with the common name "NEXTA", 1.7 million on our YouTube channels, 1 million on Twitter and 215,000 on Instagram (April 2023). Several tens of thousands of subscribers follow our channels on other social networks (VK.com, Facebook, TikTok).

Telegram channels
1.4 million
YouTube channels
1.7 million
1 million
NEXTA is ahead of the largest media outlets in the country in terms of audience size and composition.

Our YouTube channel NEXTA is the most popular news channel in Belarus. The channel publishes high-profile investigations, topical reports and full-length documentaries.

Our Telegram channel NEXTA Live is one of the most readable channels in Europe and the most popular Russian-language news channel.

Our Twitter profile NEXTA is the most read English-language resource on Eastern Europe.

The main reasons for the rapid growth of popularity and recognition of our channels is the closedness of information and authorities in Belarus. Our work was confirmed by years of reputation and trust of readers. We became known for our base of reliable sources and the guaranteed anonymity and safety of our authors.

Today, NEXTA receives more than half a thousand messages a day from various parts of the country, which makes it the first media outlet in Belarus where content is almost entirely created by readers themselves


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